Dental Marketing for High Value Services: PART 1 – Single Minded Focus

This is Video 1 in a 5 part series. Enjoy! Looking to attract more high-value patients to your dental practice? No worries, this video has got you covered with some practical tips and strategies. By focusing on a specific service and aligning your messaging and offers, you can drive revenue and grow your practice.


So you want to get more high value patients for your practice. Whether that’s Invisalign or veneers patients or implants, or even teeth whitening. They’re all good services that you can focus on in terms of high value services. The question for you is. Which one should you choose? And yes, you do need to choose one of these.

If you’re going to do this kind of marketing and promotion. The first thing you want to do is pick one of these services. That’s going to be your primary focus and focus on that. And get it right. That’s the single minded focus for marketing, and it means that all your messaging is going to be aligned.

And that you’re going to have the right offers in place. So. Which particular service do you want to focus on? Well, I’ve got four key things that you need to think about when you choose a service.

The first thing is probably the most obvious and that is, is it profitable? For some practices teeth whitening can be profitable because they’ve got a model around doing teeth whitening at good margins. They’ve got the right people to deliver it and they can do volumes. For other practices, it’s going to be, implants because it’s a high margin service.

So which particular model works best for you and which particular service is most profitable? It’s something that you’ve already probably got some really clear ideas, which those are already. So just, that’s just one of the factors that you need to take into account.

The second is, do you have marketing proof? And when I say marketing proof, it’s different from proof. Yes, you can do implants. Of course and you’ve done the many times before, but how can you show that in your marketing? Now, if you’ve got things like before and after images. You’ve got a history and example of previous work that you’ve done. You’ve done X number of this particular procedures before. That’s all the marketing proof that you can put together. That’s going to be really useful in terms of how you can promote those services in the marketplace. So that second is, do you have the proof there?

The third is. Do you have capacity? Now, a lot of dentists are dealing with staff shortages. So the question is, do you have actual capacity? If you go and market this and it’s successful. Are you going to be able to take the bookings? You don’t want people coming to your marketing and going. Yes. I want to see you for an implant consultation and you can’t book them in for three weeks.

So do you have the capacity to deliver is the third thing that you need to take into account?

And the fourth and I left this to last, but it’s probably the most important. And that is. What is the demand and the competition like in your area.

Now, when I say in your area, if you’re in a capital city, and are you talking your competition, Sydney wide for implants ads but I would look at your more direct competition in the practices in the immediate areas around you.

Do the research. What kind of offers do they have? What kind of pricing are they offering? How competitive are you going to be in that immediate space? And if you’ve got something, there you go. Yes. That’s good. I really want to do that, but hey, look, I’ve got four competitors all around me, all doing that same thing and they’re under cutting each other. It’s going to be really difficult to cut through with my messaging.

Then that may be an opportunity for you to consider some of the other services where it may be easier for you to get traction.

And then is there demand in your area and typically you probably got a pretty good idea. Now, depending on your demographics, you’re going to have more demand say for a more cosmetic procedure, like veneers than you would for implants. Depending on the demographics, it could be the opposite way round. And the same goes with teeth whitening.

So if you look at those four factors, Is it profitable? Do you have marketing proof? What’s your capacity to manage leads and patients? And what’s the demand and competition like.

Take those into account and pick the one service that you’re going to focus your marketing on.