The Bright Dental Practice Marketing System

Step-by-step process. No-nonsense. No hype.

This system gets you new patients and helps you retain and engage your existing patients.  


Understand your practice and patients

We deep dive into your practice, your services, your local area and your competitors. And your patients – including patient lifetime value. We pull all of this together to develop your messaging and marketing strategy. 


Smart-focus advertising

Launch advertising that finds the right patients in your area. Using Google and Facebook Ads we create messaging that connects with different patient types (Procrastinators? Switchers? Movers?) and drives them to take action. And we measure the results with Call Tracking and ROI Reporting.


3R Program: Reputation, Reviews & Referrals

Implement 3R Program to turn your practice into the top-rated and most referred practice in your area. 


SEO and Google MyBusiness

Implement an SEO and Google My Business Optimisations Plan. An SEO Plan takes time to implement but the objective is to get your practice ranked in the top 3 places in Google for the keywords that matter. 


High Revenue Service Program (HRSP)

Develop programs raising awareness and increase patient treatment acceptance for high-value services.

Need Help Growing Your Practice?

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