Unlocking Google Dominance: Strategies to Boost Your Dental Website’s Rankings and Secure a Spot in the Coveted Google Map Pack

In the realm of online searches, the battle for the top spot is fierce, and today, we’re diving into the strategies to ensure your dental practice secures prime real estate on Google. We’ll unveil the critical importance of the Google Map Pack, where the majority of clicks are concentrated, especially in mobile searches. Join me as we dissect the key factors influencing your rankings and explore actionable steps to boost your position.


You want your dental website to rank in Google searches. how do you do that?

You’ll see in this search is how important the Google Maps are compared to the rankings under here. Almost all of the clicks will go into these first three ranking positions, and that’s called the Google Map Pack.

Where the Google Map pack is super important is if you look in a mobile search. So here’s an example of a mobile search for the same keyword, “dentist perth”. And you can see there are some ads on the first part of the scroll, but you can see that these three rankings here – own most of the real estate of the search.

So it’s really important to be in those rankings.

The standard search rankings happen down here and are much lower down the page.

So how do you improve your rankings in those map pack searches?

 Firstly, the Google Business Profile is the listing that you set up in Google [00:01:00] Business. This listing here for Perth Central Dental Center is the listing, which is ranking. Improving that Google Business profile isn’t just about the initial optimization, but about consistently posting content onto the profile.

What about Citations and Links? Citations are, mentions of your business and your website on directories and other online listings. So in this example, you can see here, when we’ve done an audit, we found that this business has 35 inbound links, whereas the average competitor has 134. Now, this isn’t just a straight count of the number of links. It’s all about quality, but it’s a starting point of doing some analysis on the inbound links to your dental website.

What about the website on page factors?

Here we look at technical factors. How fast is the website to load? How is it technically structured? But we also look at the metadata and the content on the website itself. And finally Reviews.

So let’s just go back and look at those listings again. This business here has 852 reviews with an average review of 4.9 stars. Now, that’s a lot of reviews. You probably don’t need to have that. What you need to look at is your immediate competitors in your suburbs, how many reviews they’ve got. You need to be getting consistent, positive Reviews for your practice.