Marketing to High Value Services – Retaining Existing Clients

Do your patients know that you offer high value services like Invisalign or dental implants? The chances that potential patients are seeing ads from other dentists who also do these services are HIGH. 

Watch the video to see how we can help you with retention and recall for your general dentistry, as well as making sure that those clients don’t wander off to other competitors. 


I wanted to talk today about some of the high value services that you offer and why it is that some patients – who are your regular patients – don’t come to you for those services. 

[For example:] You’ve been working with someone for like three years doing your regular, six-month checkups… And then, next time they come and see you, they’ve got braces or they’ve got Invisalign, and they’ve actually gone off to someone else to do that.

That’s not an uncommon occurrence. 

One of the things you want to do with your existing patients is [to make sure] that you are raising awareness for them – that you can help them with braces or with cosmetic. And, bear in mind, that your existing patients are seeing ads from people who are specialists, and claim to be specialists in their ads in Facebook or in other feeds. They might be seeing an Invisalign ad from someone that is providing those services to people all over Sydney, all over Melbourne, all over Brisbane. They’re prepared to travel for that.

And competitors are prepared to compete on those keywords or in that advertising in your area and steal your patients from you, even though you’ve cared for them over all that time. 

One of the ways that you can raise your awareness is [to] have your existing patient list,  [and] getting that into the platforms. And when I’m talking platforms, I mean, Instagram and Facebook. And you can actually do marketing to your existing patients around the high value services that you provide. And that’s super low cost because the pool of patients is very small. You’re talking, you know, in In the dollars – not even in the tens of dollars – a a day. 

We can do targeting based on their mobile phone numbers…

Now, there’s a fair bit of manual configuration to get all that up and running… But the sweet part of it is… If you’ve got people’s mobile phone numbers and they’re using those numbers in Facebook – which most people do, most people have their phone number in Facebook – then we’re going to be exactly [targeting] your existing patients… And in a way that they don’t feel that they’re being directly messaged to in the same way than if we were to send them an email every day. Now, think about that. Like, you’d be really uncomfortable to send an email to your patients every day for four weeks. Right? But in Facebook and Instagram, we can put a message in front of them literally every day for four weeks, really super low cost.

And we can be kind of  really clever in terms of how we do it. We can set up Facebook and Instagram to rotate through different messaging, so they’re not always getting the same messages… What it means is [that] you can kind of really keep your awareness high for your existing patients, which can help with retention and recall for your general dentistry… but also make sure that they don’t bleed off to more specialised competitors who are just offering Invisalign and going Sydney-wide, Melbourne-wide or Brisbane-wide.

If you’d like some help with in terms of how to configure that and how to set up your Facebook and Instagram marketing to do those really smart things… then, you know, we’d be happy to have a chat and see how we can help you.

[This is] Richard from bright dental marketing, I hope that you found this useful.

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