Marketing to ‘Avoiders’ & ‘Procrastinators’

The “Procrastinator” and “Avoider” types of dental patients actually make up 40% of your potential client base, according to Australian surveys. But these people aren’t searching for you on Google… so, how are you going to draw them into your practice? Watch the video to find out…


We know in Australia from surveys that around 40% of of patients are really reluctant [to go to the dentist]. They either have fears, or they’re too busy… but, basically, they are not that interested in going to the dentist. And that’s a big piece of your potential patient base. Those 40% of people… There’s no way they’re searching in Google to come and find you.

They’re not actively in the marketplace to go, “Oh, I want to go to a dentist”, because they’re kind of avoiding it. So… How do you get in front of them? 

Some of the most effective ways to be talking to those people is in Facebook and Instagram. Because in those two platforms you’re able to get in front of people where they’re not specifically looking for your services, but you can send them messages that might align with the way that they’re thinking about going to the dentist.

So, there’s a couple of things that you can do there. 

We call one ‘persona’ a ‘Procrastinator’. And I’m one of those. It’s not that I hate going to the dentist… but I’m just busy. It’s taking time out of my day. And particularly during business hours.

So, you can communicate with people like myself – let’s call me a ‘Procrastinator’ – about the ways that you can help me become your patient. That could be as simple as “We’re offering before work appointments for busy people”, for example. Or, you know, “We’re open till 8:00pm and you can book in now”.

Another messaging could be just that reminder of, “If it’s been six months or 12 months since you had your last checkup, now’s the time to do it. Stop wasting time, get in contact.” You know, “Talk to us”. So, you can kind of trigger those things.

Like, for me, it’d be like, “Yeah, I know, I should really be going to the dentist”. So, in the back of my mind, I’m going, “Yeah, I need to go to the dentist”, but I’m finding good ways to avoid it. 

 ‘Procrastinators’ is one set that you can talk to in Facebook and Instagram. 

Another ‘persona’ that you can talk to is those that have actual – in their mind – reasons for not going to the dentist.

This is not just that they’re putting it off because they’re busy, but they have some fears around it. That’s actually a substantial part of the marketplace. So… How can you communicate with those people? Again, they’re not in Google, they’re not searching for you. The only reason they’re going to be searching for you is if they’ve got pain right now that’s gotta be solved.

The rest of those people who don’t have pain right now, but really need to be doing checkups, as we know… The way to communicate with them is to start to allay their fears. So, you can talk through your options. Like, you’ve got a sleep option… You’ve got a Netflix on the screen option…

You can highlight how friendly and careful the staff/ clinicians are… So, you can communicate that through [Facebook and Instagram], and the advantage of [those platforms] is that you have imagery. You have messaging that enables you to kind of really target into those people. And, remember, in Instagram and Facebook, you can really hyper-target, hyperlocalise.

Facebook and Instagram know exactly where people are based on their phone locations. So, you can be as precise in your location targeting as you would in Google for a really local keyword. [But] We don’t need to have that local keyword because [in] Facebook, 90% of the traffic is on mobile, and they know exactly where those people are.

So, if you’re interested in growing and marketing to that large portion of patients who aren’t actively searching… [If] You’re interested in how to use Facebook and Instagram  to communicate and get new patients in that way… You know, you can kind of go out and find that information online, you can start developing that… But if you’d like to work with an agency that can help you do that, then we’d be happy to help. It’s Richard from Bright Dental Marketing, and, you know, I’d love to talk to you.

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