Unlocking the Impact of Video Marketing for Your Practice: A Critical Evaluation of Professional Videos and Mobile Optimization

Today, we’re diving into a critical question: Is shooting a professional video a necessity for the opening or marketing of your practice? Join me as we explore the effectiveness of videos featured on dental websites and the often-overlooked challenge of mobile optimization.


Do, you actually need to shoot professional video for the opening of your practice or even to market an existing practice?

This is a demonstration to get you thinking about the use of video.

So first, let’s have a look at this website here.

The video looks great, but is it actually effective in your marketing? This is what we’re seeing. It feels comfortable, it’s making people feel relaxed. The biggest problem though is.

This is how most people are seeing this website. So this is what this website looks like to 80% of your visitors are seeing the website on mobile. And guess what? There’s no video loading. Why isn’t the video loading? Well, best practice is that you wouldn’t show the video on the mobile version because it’ll be too slow to load.

Okay, let’s have a look at another example.

Very relaxed, great technology, awesome looking premises. How does it look on mobile?

This is how that website looks on mobile. In fact, it’s an extremely bland website on [00:01:00] mobile.

So when you’re thinking about shooting video, you need to think about where am I going to use it. If you are going to use it on your website, is that a good investment for your money?

If I were you and I were shooting video, I’d be thinking about a lower tech version. I’d be thinking about shooting on my iPhone and shooting for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.