Unlocking Success: The Photos Your Dental Website Can Do Without – Avoiding Common Pitfalls on Your Homepage

Today, we’re focusing on what your dental website absolutely doesn’t need. Picture this: homepage images featuring an empty reception area, an unoccupied chair, devoid of patients, staff, and dentists. What does that communicate? Let’s talk about it more in the video.


I was about to start doing a video on what photos you need to have on your dental website, but I thought I’ll do a different video. These are the photos that you don’t need on your dental website that I often see, particularly on the homepage.

And that’s images of the reception area or an empty chair. With No patients. And No staff and No dentists. What does that tell you? No one comes to this practice.

There are no staff there. It’s not telling us anything about the practice at all. And I know a lot of practices for their first photo shoot the fit-outs been done. But they don’t have any patients yet. But you’ve got to fake it till you make it. You need to get your friends and family in.

And have them stand in the reception. You need to have some people sit in the chairs and you need to look like you’re a busy, professional practice.