Unlocking Online Booking Options for Your New Dental Practice: Three Methods to Consider

Setting up your new dental practice is an exciting venture, and one crucial aspect you need to tackle is enabling online bookings. Fortunately, there are three distinct methods to choose from, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. We’ll be discussing these briefly in the video.


[00:00:00] You are opening a new dental practice and you want to know how you can take bookings online. There are three different ways.

So the first is, let’s have a look here, is using your practice management system. In this example, I click book online and it opens up, and this is coming from Centaur and you can make the booking there.

Your practice management system will generally have an online booking form, which is fully integrated in with your practice management system.

The one downside of these forms is that they can be complicated to fill out and require a date of birth and other information, and so can put off some potential patients.

The second way that you can take bookings on your website is using a third party booking system Health Engine, Hot Docs, and a number of others.

Here’s an example, using Hot Docs. The booking goes here, it comes into the Hot Docs system.

Those systems generally have a better interface in [00:01:00] terms of it’s easier for your patients to make a booking, but again, they do require a lot of fields for your potential patients to complete.

The third way to take a booking is using a booking form, which can be really customized for your particular practice.

Now, typically these forms won’t go into your practice management system. Instead, they’ll give you a lead for you to follow up, but the advantage of these is that they don’t have to have all of the fields, such as selecting a specific time and a date and a practitioner and the date of birth and other information like that. Instead, they can be used to make a really low barrier entry to collect the lead, which can then be followed up.

 We often recommend this kind of booking for high value services, such as implants and Invisalign. And here’s an example. If I click Claim a Free Consultation, it’s a really simple form to fill out. It’s first name, last name, phone number.

That makes it really easy [00:02:00] for the patient to get in contact and for you to not put up too many barriers for them becoming a potential lead for a high value service. Okay, so they’re the three kinds of ways that you can take bookings on your website. If there’s more, I’d love to hear about it.