Crafting Compelling Opening Offers for Your New Practice: A Guide to Attracting Patients and Building Reputation

Launching your new dental practice and wondering about the power of a compelling opening offer? Before we dive into what makes a great one, let’s explore why offers matter. Let’s talk about in the video!


So you’re about to open a new practice. You need to start with a great opening offer. So what is a good opening offer?

Before we talk about that though, why are we doing offers? Okay, so you’re a new practice. The key thing you want to do is get new patients in the door because that is going to let you build up reviews and build up your reputation in your local area.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be super profitable at this early stage.

First of all, general dentistry. That’s about building the practice base. No Gap. It’s a simple one. You’re offering No gap services for people with insurance. And the second is fixed price for people without insurance. Super simple. You do those, you’ll attract new patients.

Next you need to think about what are the Offers for your high value services. So that’s for your Implants, your Veneers, your Invisalign. What offers are you going to put in the marketplace for those. There is no simple answer for this.

First thing you need to do is do the Research, look at what the competitors are [00:01:00] doing in your local area for those services and then learn from that.

I have a whole separate video that shows you how to develop an Offer for high value services. And I’ll share that with you above, below, or maybe in a following video.