Attracting New Patients to Your Practice: Mastering the Digital Approach

You’ve just launched your dental practice, and now it’s time to draw in patients. In the digital realm, you have three key strategies: Google Business Profile search visibility, paid Google Search Ads, and leveraging social media ,which we’ll talk about in this video. Plus, don’t forget a compelling Opening Offer to entice bookings. Watch our full video for a detailed guide on creating one.


Okay, so you’re a new practice. You want to get patients. How are you going to do it?

There’s three things that you can do in digital, and there’s a couple that you need to focus on straight away.

So there’s your Google Search, which needs to happen, which is your Google Business Profile, so that you start to come up when people are searching for dentists in your area. So that’s your Google SEO and your Google Business Profile. That’s one.

It takes time for that to happen. So you need to run Paid Google Search Ads while you’re building up your Google profile. So people searching, dentists in your area or implants in your area, you are going to show up in the searches and you’re going to get patients that way.

And the third. is your social media. Using your social media to increase the profile of the practice in the local area You can run social media ads, so Facebook and Instagram ads to drive leads for your practice. So in the [00:01:00] digital space, really three ways to get those leads.

There’s three things I’m not going to talk about. Walk-ins, letter drops, shopping center displays.

Trust me, the digital is going to work better.

Oh, I forgot one thing, and that is you also need a great offer, an Opening Offer that’s really going to make patients want to book in with you. I’ve got a whole separate video on that, so check it out.